Your Little Green Gardener offers lawn mowing, hedging & pruning, weeding, planting, general grounds maintenance, garden makeover and garden design. 

Some of the many services we offer include:

​Lawn Mowing
You lawn is the largest part of your Garden. Many people are not aware of correct lawn mowing techniques may at first seem like making a big deal out of something very simple, but in reality the opposite is the truth.
Your Little Green Lawn Mowing team member is very aware that correct lawn mowing technique can make an enormous difference in the overall look of your lawn, as well as helping with correct lawn care over time .

Garden Hedging and Pruning 

We can plan to have your hedge looking as you want it to be through all seasons. We can maintain and size Hedges and prune your small trees and shrubs including flowering plants, roses, fruit trees. and this includes includes the removal of all cuttings.


A “Weedache can be a Headache”
Out of control weeds can be a gardeners nightmare and spoil your lawn and your garden. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to control…we specialise in getting rid of your Weedache


 It can be incredibly frustrating to see the plants you have purchased struggle or fail in the garden. With a Little Green Gardener rely on you will no longer have to experience this problem because with their skills and guidance your plants will thrive and bloom.
Sometimes it is simply a case of the wrong soil type, slope angle or position. Your gardener will resolve these sorts of issues and those who are keen to learn some gardening tips can pick up a wealth of useful information along the way.

General Grounds Maintenance
Driveways, decking areas, paths, gutters, BBQ’s and pergolas all require periodic maintenance to keep them looking their best. Your Little Green Gardener will ensure that all of these types of jobs are taken care of, extending the lifespan of the various materials and features in your external spaces.

Garden Makeover
 You may decide to give your garden a complete overhaul at some point, to update and refresh your outside space. The opportunity to start from scratch is an exciting proposition and with assistance from a Little Green Gardener, you can create your dream garden.

Garden Design
Little Green Truck can provide you an affordable garden landscaping and design service. So if you are looking to refresh ‘your garden design, or you have just moved in to a new property Little Green Gardener can do that for you with a result that your garden will be sustainable and easy to maintain.

Everybody deserves a beautiful garden and grounds. And a well maintained garden adds value to your most important asset – your home. We offer affordable gardening packages to keep your grounds looking beautiful all year round.

Finance Packages
Our associate Finance Company is happy to Finance any one of the following Packages. Package prices may vary due to land and garden size and come with easy payment terms and low interest rates.

Platinum Package
26 Weekly lawn mow /edging /blowdown (spring /summer)
14 Fortnightly lawn mow /edging /blowdown (autumn/winter)
Set up Plant and Maintain a 36 square mtr Vegetable Garden of your favourite Vegetables
Set up Plant and Maintain 6 different Fruit Trees of your choice
1 Seasonal yard clear out
1 Annual lawn fertilise
1 Annual gutter clean
12 Monthly weed spray
40 Weekly palms and shrubs pruned, including Rubbish removal /tip fee.

Golden Package
26 Weekly lawn mow /edging /blowdown (spring /summer)
14 Fortnightly lawn mow /edging /blowdown (autumn/winter)
1 Seasonal yard clear out
1 Annual lawn fertilise
1 Annual gutter clean
12 Monthly weed spray
40 Weekly palms and shrubs pruned, including Rubbish removal /tip fee.

Silver Package
5 Monthly lawn mow /edging /blowdown ( autumn / winter )
14 Fortnightly lawn mow /edging /blowdown (spring /summer)
19 Pruning +Rubbish removal +tip fee
1× 10% off an annual spring clean
1 Gutter clean
19 Weedspray

Bronze Package
Fortnightly lawn mow /edging / blowdown all year round
1 trailer green waste removal monthly
1 – 2 as required weed sprays monthly
1 complete lawn fertilise annually when needed.